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How microinsurance fights AIDS
June 6, 2012

Tina Rosenberg has a great piece today about microinsurance in general, and a South African firm called AllLife in particular, which is playing an important role in changing attitudes to HIV — turning it from a perceived death sentence to something much more manageable:

The Microinsurance Revolution
June 6, 2012

Six years ago David Patient felt his immune system slipping. He had been H.I.V.-positive for a long time, but now he made two decisions: He started on antiretroviral medicines to protect himself, and he began trying to buy life insurance to provide for his partner.

Accepting survival alters basic attitudes
December 1, 2011


AllLife looks to the future
September 12, 2009
AllLife is the only company in the world that seeks to provide affordable life cover to South African residents who have been diagnosed with HIV , and the company has now extended its service to include diabetics.More
Now there's accessible life cover for diabetics who manage their condition
February 23, 2009
A local life assurer has launched a policy for diabetics committed to managing their condition. This follows its launch, about four years ago, of an affordable life insurance product for HIV-positive people who are committed to managing their illness.More
Life Cover: Diabetics no longer out in the cold
November 27, 2008
Being diagnosed with diabetes is a lifechanging event, with radical adjustments required in diet, exercise regime, and potentially the use of prescribed drugs and/or insulin.More
Life for Diabetics
November 11, 2008
Now there's a new product available that uses a health monitoring system to provide cover for
diabetics who can demonstrate diabetic control.More
Rewarding policy holders for good health management
November 10, 2008
Being diagnosed with diabetes is a life changing event, with radical changes required in diet, exercise regime, and potentially the use of prescribed drugs and/or insulin.More
Innovation Vs. Poverty
The math is clear: more than 80% of the world's population lives in developing countries, and these markets account for 40% of the world economy, adjusting for purchasing-power parity, which takes into account the relative cost of living and inflation rates by country. However, less than 12% of the
October 13, 2008
..AllLife is a South African life insurance firm that issues policies to people who are HIV positive, a population of 2 million in South Africa. Competing policies tend to have steep premiums and a $12,000 coverage maximum. AllLife, by monitoring policyholders' health and medicine regimes, is selling cheaper coverage up to $360,000.More
Positive spin on HIV
Insuring what others have always believed was uninsurable
June 5, 2008
MOST PEOPLE THINK being diagnosed with HIV is a death sentence. So a company that specifically insures clients diagnosed with HIV is probably one of the most unlikely entrepreneurial ventures you might expect to find..More
Life insurance companies take leap of faith
December 1, 2007
Life assurance companies have come a long way from the 1990s when they had all types of exclusions and requirements for regular testing so they did not have to pay out if a person died from any Aids-related illness.More
HIV patients get life cover
May 13, 2007
A South African insurance company is offering disability insurance for people living with HIV/Aids and life insurance of up to R3-million.More
Better disability cover for people with HIV
Two assurers are bucking the trend of refusing life and disability insurance to people who are HIV positive.
December 2, 2006
If you are HIV positive, the options for obtaining life and disability cover are improving despite the fact that this cover remains significantly more expensive than cover for people who are HIV negative.More
South Africa Rethinks
Life insurers are helping to change perceptions about AIDS
November 9, 2006
Diagnosed with HIV 23 years ago, David Patient thought he would never see the day when he could insure his life. Until the launch late last year of AllLife, an innovative insurance newcomer, the few life insurers taking on clients with HIV offered very limited cover and charged prohibitive premiums.More
Insurer provides HIV+ cover
December 3, 2005
The life assurance industry has come a long way since the early days of the HIV/Aids pandemic when it initially showed about as much sensitivity as has been displayed by Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang.More
Affordable insurance for HIV+ people
Product will revolutionise sector
December 1, 2005
Johannesburg - Of South Africa's 5 million HIV-positive people, more than 2 million live on less than R3 000 a month, says AllLife, a niche life assurance firm specialising in life cover for HIV-positive people.More
At last, life policies for HIV-positive people
First local insurance group to offer life cover for those with HIV
November 30, 2005

AllLife is offering life insurance cover to people with HIV in SA, the country with the highest infection rate in the world, “HIV-positive individuals have routinely been discriminated against by the insurance industry, which only offers cover under certain circumstances and at rates not affordable to everyone,” says Ross Beerman, MD of the Johannesburg-based AllLife.

Life insurance for HIV people launched in South Africa
November 30, 2005

Johannesburg - South African insurance product designer and administrator, AllLife, Wednesday launched the first ever affordable broad based life insurance offering for people living with HIV in this country.

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Living with HIV
Rewarding policy holders for good health management.
AllLife sends reminders for tests and monitors results. This helps clients to stay alive.
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