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AllLife designs, distributes and administers life insurance products. We provide affordable life cover for individuals living with HIV or Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes mellitus who commit to follow an appropriate health monitoring and treatment program. Our products can be accessed via our Customer Service Centre (call 0861 255 5433), from our website, or through AllLife approved financial service providers.

AllLife is underwritten by Centriq Life Insurance Company (RF) Limited.

Our vision

To be the most innovative provider of specialised life insurance products.

Our mission

To design and deliver innovative, affordable products to neglected life insurance market segments.

Company history

AllLife was established in 2004 to bring an innovative approach to life insurance in South Africa. Along with our business partners we focus on providing new products to underserved segments of the life insurance market.

Since 2005 we have provided affordable life cover for thousands of people living with HIV, as well as significantly improving the health experience of the individuals we insure through our adherence management program. Based on our clients’ enthusiastic response to our role in monitoring their health, in 2008 we extended cover to people living with diabetes mellitus, once again based on their commitment to ongoing health monitoring. This unique approach to life insurance enables us to offer more competitively priced life cover, and to extend cover to individuals who the established life insurance industry may regard as ‘uninsurable’.

Our innovative products use a continuous underwriting approach to deliver affordable cover to people who manage their health appropriately. We routinely remind our policyholders of their health commitments, and we alert them to potential health concerns so that they can take appropriate action to maintain their wellbeing.Top

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Living with HIV
AllLife’s products are designed to accommodate the financial circumstances and needs of each individual.
AllLife sends reminders for tests and monitors results. This helps clients to stay alive.
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